Benefits of living near the ocean

2 February 2024

"Biyahe ni Drew" a Philippine television travel documentary show aired on GMA News TV and GTV, featuring Drew Arellano as the host. In a particular episode, the program showcased the breathtaking scenic beauty and alluring tourist attractions of El Nido, Palawan, emphasizing the abundance of islands and seas in the area

The idea that having an ocean view can contribute to feelings of calmness is supported by various studies and anecdotal evidence. The study you mentioned, published in the Journal of Coastal Zone Management, likely adds to the existing body of research on the psychological benefits of proximity to the ocean.

Studies indicate that spending time by the ocean positively impacts well-being. Individuals residing near the coast often report enhanced physical and mental health compared to those who do not have such proximity to the sea. Published in the journal Health & Place

What are the Benefits of living near the ocean?

1. "The color blue influence the emotions and calming attributes that can be therapeutic"

Richard Shuster, PsyD, a clinical psychologist and the host of The Daily Helping podcast, highlights several factors contributing to the psychological impact of colors. According to Shuster, the color blue, in particular, consistently elicits feelings of calm and peace among a significant majority of individuals. This association is not arbitrary; it has been observed and documented through various studies, indicating a widespread and consistent psychological response to the color blue.

2. Sea air promotes better sleep

Breathing in the refreshing sea air can work wonders for your sleep. Full of negative ions, it can boost your mood and physical wellbeing. The pure oceanic environment also offers numerous health advantages. Drifting off to the soothing sound of the gentle waves can help you unwind, leading to a deeply tranquil and uninterrupted rest. According to Dr. Natasha Bijlani, a psychiatric from London's Priory's Roehampton Hospital told to  Metro.

3. Promotes relaxation and a heightened sense of engagement

The combination of sounds and visuals triggers your parasympathetic nervous system, explained by Sally Nazari, PsyD, owner of Chrysalis Psychological Services and host of the podcast Beyond the Couch. This system helps slow us down, promoting relaxation and a heightened sense of engagement.

4. The coast enhances mental well-being

You need not immerse yourself in the ocean to experience the mental and health advantages of coastal living. Merely gazing at the expansive sea before you can bring about a shift in perspective that diminishes your worries. When confronted with the vast oceanic horizon, your fears may appear inconsequential, thanks to the profound impact of awe. A study from 2015 revealed that merely having a view of the sea can enhance mood and decrease heart rate."

‘The coast provides opportunities for experiences that strengthen social support networks and lead to better mental health'

5. Ocean water helps your body heal.

Living by the sea can also enhance physical health. Sea water contains minerals like chloride, sodium, iodine, potassium, magnesium, and sulphur, which can provide healing and anti-inflammatory benefits for the skin. In fact, a 1999 study conducted at the University of Freiburg in Germany revealed that a combination of sea water and UVB radiation can effectively alleviate skin issues such as dermatitis and psoriasis.

6. A lifestyle that's more active, and thus healthier.

Living close to the seaside was linked to a higher chance of having better physical health than people who lived in other places, according to a 2014 UK study. This association was partially explained by the higher levels of physical activity found in people who live closer to the ocean. The sea offers the ability to engage in several year-round sports including sailing, surfing, and paddle boarding in addition to the obvious opportunity to swim during the warmer months. Similarly, running, trekking, and jogging along the seaside offer the ideal way to stay in shape.

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