Dolarog Beach Resort

So. Dolarog, Corong-Corong, El Nido, 5313 Palawan, Philippines

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3.8 / 5

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    May 21, 2022

    Excellent customer service, gracious and friendly staff..Tata, Mel, Rizel, Loi, Gie, Kei and Edu were all very accommodating. If you are looking for a get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this is your resort to be. Magnificent view infront of your villa! I'll definitely recommend this resort 5Stars!

    Dave Marine 1
    February 27, 2022

    i only stayed a few nights here and enjoyed it, yes your are kinda cut off from the outside world (awesome), no there is no power all day long. As a guy that owns a resort in Bali I can see the major issues this site has, there is no access rd because the local authorities dont want to cut a track thru the forest reserve, so that fuel for the generators has to be brought in by boat, the resort is rustic and has a 1970's feel to it, but its still great. And the location is totally breathtaking. And the food is good, and staff lovely. They could pump a few million bucks into for sure, but then youd be paying 700 USD a night for a bungalow, and theres plenty of those options nearby. Or you can enjoy it as it is now, which for most open minded travellers wouldnt be hard. Im looking fwd to getting back and enjoying the serenity.

    Inshirah Caselin
    March 15, 2022

    love it.... hospitable people.. amazing place to stay... siren and calm plus a beautiful view when you wake up and have breakfast...

    Steve Attarian
    May 05, 2019

    Truly an incredible experience. The most beautiful place, truly a Paradise like destination. The Food was out of this World, they even prepared the fish I caught on a side Fishing trip. The rooms were comfortable and the Island Hoping (especially the Captain an Mates) were indeed a life long dream come true. The service, the room and the Resort can not be beaten in El Nido.

    Michael Guess
    February 12, 2020

    Experiences are like hairstyles, everyone's is slightly different. In short, this place is genuinely paradise. But not for you if you are after a party. To start, if you decide to come here, you will need to get dropped off by taxi to a place called the ocean lodge, they will then ring the resort, and the resort sends a boat to get you. You are so far out of the way here that there is no road access. There are three free boat runs back and forth to the town each day, or, for a fee you can have the boat get you at anytime. The huts are amazing, we had the superior double room with sea view and we are 15ft from the beach. The rooms have a safe, the bed is huge, there are mosquito nets on request for the bed too; the bathroom is alot nice than the stock photographs make it look, our shower has a pebble base and it feels really nice underfoot. My only gripe here, is that the water pressure is lacking a little, but it's really not that much of a problem. There is only a handful of rooms, and I doubt this resort can house more than 25 guests, which is fantastic; you will never have to worry about reserving the sun bed, you will likely have the pool to yourself for the majority of your time. You will never wait in line, and the staff are incredibly attentive. I actually cannot speak high enough of the staff here, their english is excellent, they are all polite, and if you want something done, it is done there and then. I read a review about stuff being stolen here but I'll quickly dispel this myth. Our safe in the room ran out of battery while we were here, the staff came with the master key, and it requires two keys to open it, their master, and the key supplied to us, so there is no way that anyone can get into it without you being there. They are also happy to leave the master key with you. While on the topic of security, I left a pile of coins on the coffee table, and I can confirm that not a single coin was taken all week, though they were stacked neatly by day two. The pool is water pumped from the sea, and refreshed every 24 hours, so it is not treated, and if you get a particularly sunny day, dont be surprised if there is a small amount of algae by the early evening. Next to the pool is a small bar, with a load of patio furniture, which is very nice to frequent. The resort is completely off the grid, which has just one flaw, there are two periods during the day where power in the lodge isn't available. I think they must prioritize the power to certain areas for maintenance, because there is still wifi in the bar during these times. But it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing I am not a burden to the planet while being here. The food is great, dinner is a set menu which I was a little bit unsure about to begin with, but every meal that we have had has been delicious; and it's all stuff that I never would have thought to order myself. Breakfast and lunch are both your normal menus. Unless I have missed something, there is no room service, but honestly, the restaurant is less than 50ft from our door, so it's really not an issue. You can get trips out to lagoons and beaches (there is 6 different trips available) directly from the reception, it is all organised for you and works out at £21-ish per person for 6/7 hours out; lunch and the hire of any equipment is covered in this cost also. You can also book massages at reception, I think it works out at just over £10 for an hour. I should probably mention at this point that no, they are not paying me to write this,and if they were... they would probably want a refund when they realise how bad my spelling and punctuation is. If you are as antisocial as I am, and love the quiet; I promise you will love this place.

    Dolarog Beach Resort

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    So. Dolarog, Corong-Corong, El Nido, 5313 Palawan, Philippines

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