Hidden Beach

1 February 2024

Hidden Beach

Hidden Beach is surrounded by limestone rock formations, creating a natural infinity pool with clear, crystal waters. The serene ambiance is enhanced by the soothing sounds of birds. Survivor Sweden filmed here for three months, and you can still find some of the show's props on the beach. The beach is made even more remarkable by the protective cliff that hides it from the open sea. To reach it, swim for about five minutes until the water is waist to knee deep. Be cautious of corals and rocks, and it's better to float to avoid scratches. There are also three safe havens with black/brown seaweed, providing shelter for endangered fish. Explore the beach to discover where tribal members once slept; there are three camping beaches in total.

El Nido Tour C Island Hopping

How to get there

Visit a local tour operator or book a tour through your accommodation in El Nido. Board the boat that will take you on the island-hopping adventure. The boat will take you to various stops, including Hidden Beach. After the tour is complete, the boat will return to El Nido, and you'll be taken back to your accommodation or the designated drop-off point.

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