Payong Payong Island- Tour A

29 January 2024

Payong Payong Island

Among the lovely white sand beaches tucked away on Miniloc Island is Payong-Payong. With its quaint shore, breathtaking cliffs, and towering rock formations, it's a favorite place for lunch during El Nido's Tour A island-hopping excursion. The island is dotted with trees that provide perfect locations for picnics in the shade.
Snorkelers will find heaven in Payong-Payong Beach's immaculate waters, which teem with abundant marine life. After lunch, guests are encouraged to simply unwind and enjoy thanks to the mild waves and lack of sports equipment like volleyball nets and hoops. While exploring the offshore cliffs is a possibility, you should wear appropriate footwear for safety caution.

El Nido Tour A Island-Hopping

How to get there

Payong-Payong can only be reached by boat as a stop on the El Nido Island Hopping Trips. It's featured on the itinerary of El Nido Tour A, an exclusive boat route leading to Payong Payong Island in Palawan.

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