Secret Beach

1 February 2024

Secret Beach

Secret Beach is known for its secluded and hidden location. To reach the beach, visitors typically need to swim through a narrow opening in the surrounding rocks or take a small boat, adding an element of adventure to the experience.

Situated among towering limestone cliffs, the beach offers a feeling of seclusion and protection since it is tucked into a cove. The beach has a charming and private atmosphere due to the rocks, which add to its exclusivity.

Like many beaches in Palawan, Secret Beach is often characterized by fine white sand and turquoise water. Snorkeling in the area allows visitors to explore the underwater beauty, with vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life.

El Nido Tour B Island Hopping

How to get there

Visit a local tour operator or book a tour through your accommodation in El Nido. Board the boat that will take you on the island-hopping adventure. The boat will take you to various stops, including Secret Beach . Once you Secret Beach, you can enjoy swimming and snorkeling.

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